Straight from the fields

A Closer Look at Misionero Organic Elevated Power Greens

Similar to being behind the wheel of a vehicle, shoppers are constantly looking for signs in the produce department to guide them in the right direction. 

While there may not be yellow stop lights signaling drivers to slow down, words like “organic,” “healthy,” and “pure” offer the same effect—guiding consumers to a product and bringing them to a stop. Broadening its portfolio with a new product sure to flag consumers down in the aisle, Misionero has released an alluring new blend under the Earth Greens® banner: Organic Elevated Power Greens.

This unique offering brings to shelves a blend of nutrient-dense, shredded mature greens developed to be a healthy addition to virtually any meal. This dynamic mix of premium varieties is primed to be a staple in the homes of many shoppers as it can be easily incorporated into salads, smoothies, and other recipes. Tie in the brightly colored red, orange, and blue packaging and we have a produce aisle showstopper on our hands. 

Additionally, Misionero has added another product to round out the organic line with the debut of its Renaissance Spring Mix, a hearty mix comprising crisp, sweet leaf varieties packaged in a tamper-proof clamshell.

With consumers on high alert for healthier options, Misionero’s new Organic Elevated Power Greens will soon be driving all the traffic to your produce department.The Snack Endstop