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A Closer Look at Mucci Farms Savorries Strawberry Tomatoes

All it takes is one impulse buy to capture the attention of hungry consumers. Curiosity can translate to category sales in a split second, and it all depends on the product’s uniqueness and presentation. With a name like Savorries Strawberry Tomatoes, I am confident Mucci Farms’ newest product will soon be flying off the shelves.

Yes, you read that correctly. Strawberry tomatoes. What more could a consumer ask for than to have two of their favorite fruits combined into one? I know I am one tomato fanatic that is chomping at the bit to have these babies in my home kitchen. The little red globes will be popped straight out of the tray and into shoppers’ mouths once they spot the vibrant packaging on display.

Using the hashtag #berriedtomato, Mucci Farms wields its differentiated branding to make this offering truly stand out from the rest. As consumers go in search of mini tomatoes to add to their favorite recipes, the Savorries Strawberry Tomatoes will provide them with a unique option that elevates any dish. And that one-of-a-kind flavor will keep them coming back for more.

Double the intrigue by merchandising this new item alongside an assortment of cheeses, fresh basil, and even some Smuccies™ Sweet Strawberries to hint at the gorgeous Savory Tomato and Strawberry Tart pictured prominently on the pack. After all, there is no better place to spark inspiration—and sales—than in the produce aisle.The Snack Endstop