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A Closer Look at Nature Fresh Farms Strawberry Clamshell

Put yourself in the shoes of your shoppers.

Eyes scan the berry patch for something sweet and juicy, potentially for a charcuterie board, maybe a light snack for the household, or to bake in a warming dish. Then, your eyes catch sight of a peculiar clamshell.

It’s Nature Fresh Farms Strawberries.

You’re drawn to the luscious reds, the sweet fragrance, and the distinct greenhouse-shaped clamshell. The 12 oz container enchants the hand to pick it up, the eyes see ‘greenhouse,’ and the nose can’t help but take a gentle sniff of the fresh and subtle scent. 

Without another thought, the product is gently placed in the cart and makes its way safely back home. Rinsed and lightly dried, you take a testing bite to find the strawberries to be unlike anything you’ve tried. An elevated eating experience, irresistibly sweet, and distinctively fragrant. Before you know it, the whole container is gone, and your shopping list has Nature Fresh Farms Strawberries at the very top with a star.

On the next visit, you’re back in the produce aisle, a beeline straight to the berry patch for a satisfyingly sweet repeat of a delicious journey. News across the berry patch is the grower is expanding its repertoire. Maybe the next trip will have these juicy gems available in organic too.The Snack Endstop