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A Closer Look at NatureSweet® Dulce Italiano Peppers

The snacking frontier has long been a land waiting to be explored by fresh produce. With industry mainstays like NatureSweet® on our side, that exploration has never been sweeter.

While peppers are usually associated with savory and spicy, consumers will now think of them as ‘sweet-without-the-heat’ with the debut of NatureSweet’s Dulce Italiano Peppers.

Packaged with a red, yellow, and orange pepper medley, these long, sweet gems bring a burst of flavor on their own or as an element that will elevate a dish or recipe.

Crunchy, juicy, and healthy, NatureSweet’s latest offering is just the gold mine consumers need after arising from the depths of the winter chill here in the Northern Hemisphere. With snacking and cooking as a major part of everyday lives, these peppers are the nutritious treasure and vibrant pop that need not remain buried. Display these beauties front and center across retail and the plate.

As shoppers are exploring the produce section for more good-for-you products, help them discover what they’re looking for with this bounty of fresh produce gold.The Snack Endstop