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A Closer Look at Naturipe Snacks Bliss Bento Snacking Line

In today’s hurried lifestyle, snacks are a blockbuster category. Healthier eating habits continue to grow and capture a larger portion of shopping carts, creating a great way to inject more fresh produce consumption amongst consumers. Top qualities most shoppers look for while perusing options include convenience, taste, and health, all of which Naturipe Farms encapsulates in its latest addition to its Naturipe Snacks™ line—Bliss Bento™.

The appeal lies in the packaging, presenting three sections of irresistible flavors in one handy format. 

Each of the four flavors from the new lineup will bring unbelievable attraction to the refrigerated produce aisle, but this writer has her eyes—and stomach—set on Salty Caramelicious™.

Hitting salty and sweet, crunchy and chewy, Naturipe combines irresistible flavors to bring a showstopping combination of healthy indulgence. The grower casts salted caramel granola clusters and salted cashews as strong leads to pair with its fresh blueberries.

Naturipe’s new Bliss Bentos also headline captivating flavor combinations such as Chocolate Cheer™, Vanilla Crunch™, and Berry Lemony™ to nourish and energize both consumers and the refrigerated fresh produce aisle.

For today’s on-the-go consumer, convenience is a top-billing star to keep in mind. Great for portable snacking, these bentos are ready to eat, full of nutrients, and are a healthy indulgence—an A-list cast to catch the consumer’s eye.