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A Closer Look at Ocean Mist® Farms Season & Steam Line

Eating healthy is always top of mind, but sometimes my brain won’t cooperate when it’s staring down the barrel of an intricate recipe. Straddling the line of trade news writer and consumer, I see how the practicality of certain items draws dollars into the store. That’s why I can never overstate the importance of value-added solutions like Ocean Mist® Farms’ Season & Steam line—especially when they promise delicious veggies in under three minutes. 

I’m personally drawn to the Cauliflower Florets, but the visually arresting packs offer a variety of vegetable options such as Broccoli Florets, Vegetable Medley, and Floret Medley—to name but a few. Bracketed by high-contrasting text offering simple instructions, the stand-out stars of the product are the veggies themselves. In a matter of minutes, consumers can have a healthy side dish ready to hit the plate. 

Not only is the packaging striking, but the ability to personalize the product per shoppers’ seasoning preferences ticks another box that pushes this into the basket: customization. I’ll be the first to let you know that I love a convenient solution, but I don’t want to feel boxed in by the flavors offered to me. 

With the Season & Steam line, ease of use is only one of the “whys” behind the buy. Innovation, quality, and health all factor into the value of having this lineup on the shelf. 

And who can argue with that?The Snack Endstop