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A Closer Look at Pure Flavor® Cloud 9® Tomatoes

The gateway to Cloud 9 is a lot closer than your shoppers think, and it’s healthy too! Snacking continues to grow as a go-to activity for many, and I’m sure there are those who worry about how to make it both healthier and tastier. Well, retailers and consumers need look no further than the produce aisle.

Pure Flavor® is hitting all the high notes and bringing a sweet, new variety to shoppers’ baskets with its latest Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes. The premium, hand-selected, bite-sized tomatoes contain a burst of sweet juiciness that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, transporting your shoppers to a heavenly bliss from the first bite to the last. A Tiny Taste of Heaven™, in fact!

Finally, the time has come to make a fruit salad that includes tomatoes! Not only are these tomatoes sweet, but their bold flavor profile lends itself to a variety of cooking applications, bringing a light and welcome reprieve as spring makes her way to North America.

Packaged in 1 pint or 2 lb containers, shoppers will get the freshest taste experience thanks to the resealable Top Seal and year-round availability. Bring a burst of Heaven to the produce aisle, for I know these little tomatoes will fly off of the shelves.