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A Closer Look at Pure Flavor® OMG Tomatoes

Maybe this is a particularly millennial confession, but sometimes I catch myself saying “OMG” out loud. It’s reserved for very special occasions, I assure you; if you’re hearing an OMG from this girl, it’s warranted.

Pure Flavor® elicited such a reaction from me with its OMG Tomatoes™, a vibrantly golden and bite-sized cherry tomato with strong notes of citrus. Emphasizing the tangy and sweet, this new variety is full of flavor and opens new doors to tomato-eating experiences.

The packaging itself has subtle hints of what I’m calling OMG-ness. A woman wearing a stunned expression sits at the bottom of the package, while the tagline subtly aligns with the product name. With a variety that boasts flavor notes such as crisp, juicy, bright, bold, and savory, you only need an effectively simple package to show off the goods.

The greenhouse grower continues to develop new products with striking flavor profiles as it deepens its position as a brand leader within the snacking tomato segment. How it innovates outside of the product itself comes down to critical marketing strategies and understanding the target consumer.

With the launch of OMG Tomatoes, Pure Flavor hopes to inject the language of tasting notes into the segment. Retailers, when you’re sampling the product to shoppers, be sure to educate them on the differences between snacking tomatoes and how OMG Tomatoes measure up.The Snack Endstop