Sweeten your everyday!

A Closer Look at Pure Flavor® New Uno Bites Cucumbers

As Alan Cumming once put it, sometimes in order to think BIG, you have to think small. I, for example, thought of cucumbers as a crucial addition to many dishes and charcuterie boards. I have thought to describe their crunch and freshness that can even level up drinking water.

But that wasn’t big enough.

I never thought of them as a workout power-up or non-caffeinated fuel between work and life balance. Pure Flavor® pointed out, with its new Uno Bites™, that I wasn’t thinking big enough, perhaps because the cucumbers weren’t yet small enough.

Uno Bites kick off a new generation of cucumbers for the greenhouse grower, matching a new generation of snacking that looks to counteract the crunch of a chip or candy bar with that of a little cucumber with big aspirations. As single-serve and snacking continue to catch on, this is an offering that ensures the cucumber category is ready to rumble with those two-bite brownies and mini cookies—and win.

Pure Flavor’s cucumber assortment is available year-round, grown by a network of locations strategically placed throughout North America to ensure a consistent supply to all markets on the buy-side. And this nano cuke is no exception to that portfolio offering.

So, while this may be one small cucumber, it is one big idea that could make a significant splash in your produce sales.