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A Closer Look at Stemilt’s Farm + Famous Tote Bag

Solution-oriented, rustic, and eye-catching? Check. Premium fruit varieties? Check. COVID-19-aware and ready? Check!

Why the checklist, you ask? Retailers across North America are looking for ways to differentiate bulk and random weight offerings, and Stemilt has their ticket this year. The Wenatchee, Washington-based treefruit grower is bringing its blueprint for success to the buy-side throughout 2020 and beyond with its new reimagined, 100-percent-recyclable, eco-friendly Farm + Famous packaging. 

The new tote bag will be filled with bulk apples or pears, available in both conventional and organic options. For ease of purchase, a PLU sticker has been applied on the totes for cashiers to ring-up at the register. Holding around 4 lbs of fruit, each of the eight bags are packed in a Euro footprint box with a snap-on lid. The accompanying box allows for easy display of bulk apples and pears so that the fruit does not need to be touched by the retailer or the shopper—ideal for these COVID-19 times—unlike many traditional tote bags that are filled by produce department staff or by the consumer.

Hitting shelves as you read, the new paper Farm + Famous pack features a positive message that “All Farmers are Famous,” and carries How2Recycle® labeling.

Merchandising prowess paired with convenience creates that perfect environment for quick and easy purchases, impulse and planned, to be made—a tote-al deal-maker.