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A Closer Look at Mastronardi Produce® Yowzers! Red Chili Peppers

For those of us experiencing a season of colors cooling into a dormant slumber, red commands attention. It draws the eye, awakens the extreme, and brings an edge to just about anything. It’s no wonder that the newest, reddest addition to the SUNSET® lineup is called Yowzers!™

Mastronardi Produce® new Yowzers! Red Chili Peppers look to drive excitement to the pepper category faster than Ferris Bueler drove his borrowed Ferrari—though the two certainly bring an equal amount of curve and spice. Described as bringing a sweet, gradual heat before serving a kick even hotter than a traditional jalapeño, this versatile new option is on par with a rapidly expanding category that will keep produce departments ahead of the race to consumers’ hearts.

After all, the packaged hot pepper category is already growing rapidly in terms of popularity, and the higher the Scoville score, the more intrigued daring consumers seem to be.

So, why not tempt shoppers to take their salsas, salads, and grilled veggies to the next level this eating season?

Let’s bring a little extra fire to turn up the winter heat.