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A Closer Look at SUNSET® Rebranded LolliPeppers

How many bites does it take to get to the seeds of a LolliPepper™? Consumers will not have to bite their way through this greenhouse-grown vegetable to find out. In fact, I have a feeling that once they glimpse the newly revealed packaging rebrand by Mastronardi Produce®, they’ll want to take a bite anyway, challenge or not! 

Seedless and stunning, this is one remaster that is sure to succeed. Stand-out messaging and graphics have upped the value of the proprietary item, not to mention how the glistening red bulbs invite eaters through the window of the new pouch bag.

Playing off its signature attention-grabbing purple and the natural bright red hue of the peppers themselves, Mastronardi Produce’s latest revisit of its LolliPeppers mini peppers packaging is sure to snag the eyes of any shoppers perusing the produce aisle. This convenient veggie is a great candidate for everything from snacking to quick meal prep, adding a new spin to the seedless craze. And that is all from a glance at the bag they are presented in. Add in some fun playful graphics, and the marketing snare is set and ready to capture pepper lovers of all ages looking to add a little crunch to their lives.

So, how many bites does it take to get to the center of a LolliPepper? The whole bag might be gone before we find out!The Snack Endstop