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A Closer Look at SUNSET® Sprinkles® Three Pack

You don’t need to have tiny fingers in order to enjoy tiny foods. This has been proven tenfold as hands of all ages (and sizes) are reaching for SUNSET®-branded Sprinkles® tomatoes in the produce aisle.

The greenhouse grower is hitting the retail trifecta, providing fun, convenience, and flavor with its strategic three-pack option. The bite-sized craze has cast its line, and Sprinkles are keeping shoppers on the hook.

Premium produce is meeting innovation with this three-pack offering, allowing SUNSET to deliver maximum ROI for its partners. Streamlined and sturdy, the trio sits at the ready on-shelf, capturing the gaze of passersby with its playful graphics and bold, blue branding. 

Who said healthy eating can’t be fun?

Once they’ve locked in on the colorful globes beneath the resealable peel-back lid, snacking inspiration will abound as shoppers imagine the convenient ways to bring Sprinkles tomatoes to the plate, lunchbox, and beyond. The three pack serves as not only the grab-and-go option, but the dinner addition and the picky eater go-to. And, of course, the bigger the pack size, the bigger the register ring.

Beyond the shelf, social media ads, recipe inspiration, and unique branding are also at play, keeping parents and kids alike engaged with the product and locking down repeat purchases. 

The Sprinkles three pack is one item worth reaching for when mapping out your own produce department, no matter your finger size.The Snack Endstop