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A Closer Look at Sunview Carnival Fruit Punch Grapes

A wintry chill may hang in the air in the Northern Hemisphere, but for those indulging in Carnival® grapes, the winter blues couldn’t be further away—especially when the all-new Carnival Fruit Punch is here.

This variety delights shoppers with the burst of delicious flavors that harken back to sipping snow cones while waiting in line for the roller coaster. These red seedless grapes, marketed exclusively under Sunview Marketing International, are the result of years of research and breeding expertise to deliver a brand that satisfies on flavor, sweetness, and texture.

With the brand’s whimsical nod to carnivals of old and that iconic Big Top tent, the clamshell packaging is an easy sell for kids and parents alike. Nostalgia plays a large role in Carnival Fruit Punch’s marketing strategy, evoking carefree summertimes.

Harvested in California at their peak flavor, these red seedless grapes are the must-have addition to table grape programs during the winter months. They add a bright playfulness to the category that will appeal to anyone looking for a healthy snack that packs a flavor punch.

No need to feel like you’re walking a tightrope with this offering! You’ve got a sure deal in Carnival Fruit Punch. The Snack Endstop