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A Closer Look at WINDSET FARMS® Rebrand

When it comes to design, there is a time for bright, bold styles and a time for effortless simplicity. A good marketing team knows which will sing to the brand’s target audience while conveying its meaning.

The minds at Windset Farms® understand the need to differentiate, as shown through its recent brand refresh and innovative packaging approach. As the greenhouse grower enters a new era of growth, it has tailored its image to portray a sense of sophistication and maturity that speaks to its development.

Timelessness, elegance, and sustainability were the goals of this project, and Windset Farms achieved just that. Through clear tills, the supplier’s produce is the show’s star, giving shoppers a clear preview of the quality awaiting. The packaging is decorated with the product name—each staying true to the company’s original art and music theme—and a ladybug logo that pays homage to its CEA growing practices.

As if the beautiful design were not enough to draw consumers to the provider’s products, prominent Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) or Fair Trade logos will do the trick. With shoppers seeking brands that do good beyond the produce aisle, these certifications will gain and keep consumer trust while reinforcing Windset’s commitment to social sustainability, food safety, and pest management.

Additionally, Windset offers consumers more environmentally friendly packaging options, including transitioning to monolayer LDPE bags. This shift has resulted in 20 percent less plastic used than the previous pack style and reduced plastic consumption by 108,000 lbs annually.

Step into this elegant new era with Windset Farms by adding its timelessly packaged products to your produce department.The Snack Endstop