No ordinary apple.

A Closer Look at Windset Farms® SONATA Mini Peppers

The rhythmic lapping of waves on the sand, the smell of fragrant tropical blooms wafting through the air, the feel of a warm breeze on sun-tanned skin, and the taste of a fruity drink quenching an afternoon thirst.

Your shoppers will be transported to this island wonderland with Windset Farms® SONATA™ Tropical Mini Peppers awaiting them in your produce department.

While tropical getaways are a luxury for some, experiencing the taste of a summer getaway doesn’t have to be with these striking, deep orange SONATA Tropical Mini Peppers. The variety has few seeds and a sweet crunch with notes of fresh herbs and fruit to finish.

The mouthwatering variety is sized between a blocky and snack pepper, making it perfect for stuffing, roasting, or presenting on a charcuterie board for a little “stay-cation” relaxation.

These fantastic attributes are on full display for shoppers as they reach for the clear packages adorned with colorful monstera, fern leaves, and a bright pink hibiscus flower, solidifying the island vibes.

Retailers too can enjoy the vacay energy with the eye-catching display bins and other unique merchandising opportunities that Windset offers. Cross-merchandising with other tropical fruits and veggies can give these peppers—and your sales—an added boost. Even cocktail mixes will inspire impulse purchases as consumers look for an inexpensive way to experience the thrill of summer vacation through a quick snack.

Spread the Aloha and make your produce department the must-visit vacation destination all year round with SONATA Tropical Mini Peppers.The Snack Endstop