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DelFrescoPure® G.R.EAT! Grab Rinse and EAT!® Red Tomatoes ?!

‐ Loaded Mediterranean Dip ‐

1 pint DelFrescoPure® G.R.EAT! Grab Rinse and EAT!® Red Tomatoes, cut in halves

1 tray DelFrescoPure Organic Mini Cucumbers, diced

1 DelFrescoPure Yellow Sweet Rainbow Pepper, diced

½ red onion, diced

1 cup curly parsley, chopped

1 small can chickpeas

1 cup mixed Kalamata and green olives (optional)

1 cup crumbled feta

1 lemon, juiced

Extra virgin olive oil

1 container hummus (your preferred flavor)

Smoked paprika

Salt and pepper, to taste


Prep Time: 20 min

Servings: 1 bowl

1Combine cut tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, onion, and parsley in a medium bowl. Add chickpeas, optional olives, and crumbled feta.

2Add lemon juice and drizzle olive oil into the bowl of vegetables. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.

3On a platter, spread one container of hummus to cover the platter.

4Top with salad mixture. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle smoked paprika on top.

5Serve with warm pita or crackers.

6Make it a complete meal by adding protein of your choice. Enjoy!

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