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WTF Do I Do With
Lipman Family Farms® Sliced Tomatoes ?!

‐ Tomato Pesto Carpaccio ‐

10–12 slices Lipman Family Farms® Tomatoes (¼" thick)

¼ cup goat cheese or feta, crumbled

2–3 tbsp pesto

1–2 tbsp balsamic glaze

1–2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Flaky salt

Cracked pepper

Basil leaves for garnish



1 cup packed basil

2 cloves garlic

2–3 tbsp shelled pistachios

¼ cup Parmesan

6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Pinch of kosher salt

Freshly ground pepper


Prep Time: 10 min

Servings: 2


1 To prepare the pesto, add basil, garlic, pistachios, Parmesan, olive oil, and salt and pepper to a food processor. Blend until smooth.

2 Arrange Lipman Family Farms pre-sliced, ready-to-eat tomatoes on a plate.

3 Top with crumbled goat cheese.

4 To make the dish visually pop, drizzle on the pesto, balsamic glaze, and olive oil.

5 Garnish with salt, pepper, and basil leaves. Enjoy!

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