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Retail Runway: July 2019

Sometimes, looks do mean everything...
Check out what packaging concepts and products we believe pop on the shelf and can help drive traffic through the produce department.

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Packaging Concepts That Did It Right


Kingdom Fresh Grape Tomato Packaging

One of the top trends in our industry is sustainability, and Kingdom Fresh has long been leading the charge. With its latest compostable tray, the greenhouse grower has really outdone itself. The green label pops against the bright red of the organic grape tomatoes, beckoning shoppers to its delicious offerings. The tray itself, also a lovely shade of green, perfectly cradles the goods. I daresay, it will be next to impossible to ignore this tray when walking down the produce aisles.

Bland Farms Vidalia Merchandising Bins

Get your Vidalias here! Line right up and get your Vidalias here! (If you didn’t read that in a New York newsboy accent, then I’m not doing my job right). Just as a paperboy draws in readers, Bland Farms’ Vidalia Bins will draw in anyone looking for that perfect summer onion. The bins themselves feature the tagline “Rooted in Tradition, Raised to be Sweet,” highlighting Bland’s experience in the industry. Consumers will be happy to know that they’re in good onion hands.

West Pak Avocados Golden State of Avocados

We all have that person in our lives who claims to be an avo-ficiando. It might even be you! For those consumers who are looking to show they are avo-elite, West Pak’s California Gold avocados offer just the thing. The label pinpoints the premium quality of these green fruits, which appeals to any avo-enthusiast who appreciates locally-grown produce. Available in both conventional and organic, shoppers have no reason to turn these beauts away!


Stemilt Artisan Organics™ Gala® Lil Snappers®

One of the easiest ways to get kids interested in eating more fruit is if you engage them with a fun story. After all, we all eat with our eyes first! With Stemilt’s graphic-heavy pouch bag, kids will be begging their parents to pick up this rad pouch bag for their summertime snacking activities. By the time school rolls around, I imagine they’ll be requesting Lil Snappers in their lunchbox, too.

BrightFarms Locally Grown Salads

Green is one of my favorite colors going into summer, and national retailers across the country, such as Walmart, Kroger, and Ahold will be sporting BrightFarms salad mixes. With delicious offerings such as Baby Arugula, Sunny Crunch, Baby Spinach, and Spring Mix, there’s truly something for everyone. The packaging itself is simple and classic, emphasizing what is most important: those leafy greens inside.