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Retail Runway: June 2019

Sometimes, looks do mean everything...
Check out what packaging concepts and products we believe pop on the shelf and can help drive traffic through the produce department.

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Packaging Concepts That Did It Right



1.  Oppy Callisto Plums

When I want a sweet, juicy stonefruit, my first instinct is to reach for a plum, and Oppy has made that easy as pie with its Callisto Plums and their vibrant packaging. The color was the first to catch my eye, as the purple hues were reminiscent of the fruit inside—which is the real star of the show. And with a clear window to see the plums, consumers know exactly what quality of fruit they’re getting. The next time I visit the grocery store, I’ll be ready to grab a bag by its convenient handle and go (though I should probably pay for them first).


2. Maglio Readyripe™ Watermelon Pouch

Maglio’s Readyripe™ watermelon pouches had me screaming, “Hallelujah!” Because, finally, there’s an innovative way to package and deliver cut watermelon that lasts longer—something the slow produce consumer (like myself) desperately needs. The package is a perfect grab-and-go bag, with bright colors, a watermelon image on the side, and—get this—absolutely no wicking or leaking from the product! Readyripe packaging is as functional as it is stylish, extending shelf-life, enhancing quality and flavor, and promoting year-round watermelon consumption. Stocking this top-quality watermelon in its attractive bag is a win for retailers looking to boost watermelon sales.



3. SUNSET® Organic Angel Sweet® Tomatoes

While I may not be the biggest consumer of tomatoes, I couldn’t help but gawk at the package of SUNSET® Organic Angel Sweet® tomatoes. The container, which sports doodles of bees and leaves, is both fancy and fun. It also features a clear window that gives shoppers a sneak peek of the beautiful grape tomatoes inside. The package’s eye-catching purple and red color combo truly pops, and the best part is that the container is backyard-compostable, which meets consumers’ demand for sustainability. SUNSET Organic Angel Sweet tomatoes are a gift from heaven to retailers searching for products to turn heads and drop jaws in the produce aisle.


4. Renaissance Food Group Southwestern Specialties

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of a product’s packaging can take away from what’s inside. So, Renaissance Food Group (RFG) decided to take a more minimalist approach with its new Firecracker Slaw and Roasted Corn Slaw. The containers are clear, showing off the top-notch slaw mix fixin’s, with the logo and product name front-and-center. Consumers will gravitate to this product’s pared-down package because it displays what shoppers care about most—the produce! The bright red peppers in the Firecracker Slaw and flecks of yellow corn kernels in the Roasted Corn Slaw are all that’s needed to draw consumers in like a moth to flame.


5. Pete’s Organic and Conventional Lettuce

Wrappable, choppable, devourable—that’s what the packaging for Pete’s organic and conventional lettuce tells me, and that’s enough to spark excitement in my heart. The lettuce is beautiful enough on its own, but Pete’s went the extra mile, assigning each lettuce variety a package color—the same color is featured on both organic and conventional for each variety. Consumers will find it easy to distinguish varieties from one another thanks to this color-coding. The cone-shaped, mostly-clear package showcases the lettuce, from tip to roots, promoting its unique “living” qualities, and clueing shoppers in on everything that makes the product special.