All your grape needs in one place

Retail Runway: Oct 2018

One of the easiest snacks to stuff in a backpack for a hike or shove in a carry-on for a long flight is jerky. Giorgio Foods is bringing a whole new spin on the time-tested go-to with its Portabella Jerky—available in Sweet Balsamic & Golden Fig, Roasted Garlic & Black Pepper, and Sesame, Ginger & Korean Chili. The variously flavored options come in packs that are adorned with warm colors that are inviting, attracting consumers with a stand-out look in the traditionally carnivore-dominated snack space. This portabella of the ball is sure to attract swooning on-the-go consumers.


Take the crisp tastes of summer salads into the fall and winter months with Taylor Farms’ Caesar Chopped Salad. This convenient take on my typical choice of leafy goodness brings gourmet eating to consumers’ office desks. Retail customers drawn to all-in-one options look to this kit for the ease with which they can eat well—meaning, delicious food that is healthy and doesn’t require a dance around produce aisles to find every ingredient.

There is probably nothing that irritates me more than a messy kitchen. Consumers like me will breathe a sigh of relief because of 4Earth Farms’ ingenuity—it has created a new Organic Stand-Up Pouch Bag. As organics rise in popularity, they will sit proudly on the counters of consumers, who will be drawn to the fresh white swoop. The crisp look is made even more appealing with the easy-hold handle. My bet is on consumers’ inability to just walk past these bright bags. I mean, how could they?!

I’m not always a dainty snacker, but when I am, I munch on NatureFresh™ Farms’ Tomberry® Tomatoes. These tiny babies are beautiful in color, shining brightly on shelves, and offer a new lease on tomato life. Whether you grab them one by one, by the handful, or dive face first like you’re bobbing for Tomberry Tomatoes, I’m not going to judge you because, honestly, I’ve been there. By dazzling consumers with the addition of these pretties, you offer wide open culinary spaces.


“Give me all the colors,” said Lillie at 5, 10, 20, and, now, 30. Luckily, I am able to create culinary art that is better than my colored pencil doodles, all thanks to Grimmway’s Cal-Organic Farms Rainbow Carrots. Tri-tip? Toss them in! Salad? Chop them up! Ranch dip? You know it! We all know that carrots go well with ev-er-y-thing, and the lively colors offered in Cal-Organic’s addition to the produce aisle stand out so uniquely that consumers will have a hard time dishing up a meal that doesn’t include them.