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Flavor Trend

Love is herbal; love is botanical! This season of love, we're touting a potion of sorts that’s teeming with all kinds of plant extracts as the surefire ticket to ooey-gooey romance...

Sure, many have come to expect a bouquet of flowers come February 14th, but this year, we’re suggesting ditching that out-of-date gift for something that truly screams romance and passion. Like, for instance, infusing the token of your love into a craftily made drink or foodie fare.

Even if your shoppers already bought those flowers for that special someone, there’s still hope that Cupid’s arrow will hit its mark this season. The latest flavor trend is to go herbal and botanical, which means there’s use for that bouquet—so long as your shoppers dry, extract, or grind it down to nothing but delicious dust!

Herbs like rosemary, sage, cilantro, mint, basil, and thyme and botanical flavors like rose, lavender, hibiscus, lemongrass, or any sort of dried fruit, really, are back in style and taste! Not to mention, this trend is creating a new demand for produce-centric aesthetics that are already enriching Instagram feeds.

Add any of the aforementioned herbs and botanical blends to lattes, artisan sodas and cocktails, and even ice creams, mashed potatoes, or basically any base that’s just asking to be mixed with delicious fun! No matter what your shoppers garnish, instill, or mix herbal and botanical ingredients with, they're sure to devise a love potion that will, at the very least, fill them with admiration for their own concocting abilities.