Straight from the fields

My Favorite Things

Nancy Pickersgill

Events and Internal Branding Manager, Mastronardi Produce

 When this Events and Internal Branding Manager for the Kingsville, ON-based powerhouse isn’t helping to cultivate the next wave of SUNSET® brand initiatives, she is hitting the international scene, or catching up on the most recent season of Homeland. But don’t just take it from us. We asked Nancy if she’d like to share with our readers a few of her favorite things—and she obliged. 

  • Hot Yoga
  • Animals
  • Soup
  • Green Tea
  • The Beach
  • Music
  • Homeland
  • Girlfriends
  • Barcelona

"Once I tried it, I became addicted. Namaste!"
"I am an animal lover!"
"Tomato Bisque with some sweet Campari, yum!"
"One of my new faves is a green tea jasmine blend."
"One of my favorite places to be."
"I married a talented musician; our basement studio has been known to rock on a Friday night."
"I hope this season gets picked up again!"
"Inspiring and encouraging; life would be dull without them."
"I used to travel to Europe a lot and fell in love with this place."