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A Closer Look at Bee Sweet’s Pink Cara Cara Packaging


s trends in citrus heat up with at-home chefs inside the snacking category and on foodservice menus, Bee Sweet Citrus, a California one-stop-shop for specialty citrus varieties, is taking advantage of increasing consumer buying behaviors with its expansive citrus program. On the horizon is one of the citrus category’s on-trend varieties, Cara Cara navel oranges. Not only does the bright pinkish-red interior pop when sliced or peeled, but the juicy, sweet, low-acid flavor makes it popular across the board and especially with chefs. A great source of vitamin C, folate, and potassium, Cara Caras are the perfect addition to the snacking line-up, or as part of a summer or fall culinary creation. In addition to the fruit’s flavorful and nutritious nature, Bee Sweet features Cara Caras in vibrant, high-graphic, grab-and-go packaging, with a mesh pouch for aesthetic appeal and ease at retail. The packaging comes in weight options between 1-8 lbs. Available from November to March, and again during the summer import season, be sure to check out this vibrant treat with eye-catching packaging to match.