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WTF Do I Do With
Sinfully Sweet Campari® & True Rebel Mix Tomatoes® ?!

‐ Sinfully Sweet & Spicy Gazpacho ‐

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil 

1 lb (½ pkg) sinfully sweet campari® 

1 lb (½ pkg) true rebel mix tomatoes® 

2 sweet bells® – yellow & orange bell peppers

2 luscious seedless long english® cucumbers 

1 bunch green onion (greens only)

½ cup fresh grated horseradish

1 bunch cilantro 

2 jalapeños

2 limes, juice and zest  

½ tsp black pepper  

½ tsp sea salt 




Servings: 12 portions

1Wash each vegetable.

2Trim the green onions and remove the whites.

3Split the jalapeños, then remove and discard the seeds.

4Peel and grate the fresh horseradish (reserve 2 tbsp for garnish later).

5Zest and juice the lime.

6Combine all ingredients in blender (except a couple tbsp of the horseradish).

7Chill and serve extremely cold in chilled glasses, with fresh horseradish stirred in at the last moment.


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