High Flavor, Organic, and Conventional

A Closer Look at Starr Ranch® Recyclable Organic Apple Box

The noble clamshell has paved the way for innovation and multi-purposeness in our industry, but could this pioneer now be passing the torch? Newer options continue to emerge, seeking to answer a call for eco-consciousness and the next step in packaging.

Entering the sustainability ring is Starr Ranch’s new recyclable box, made special for its organic apple offerings. Introduced to mitigate plastics in the company’s packaging, specifically clamshells, the new launch blends the past’s cartons and crates with the future’s demand for increased reusability.

Before technology and plastics, woods and papers were the way of our industry. Now, with the vision hindsight affords us, Starr Ranch is utilizing the best of those materials with the best of its research and development capabilities. But, this box is not the first sustainable package the company offers—it’s the latest.

Starr Ranch also recently introduced an organic pouch bag that reduced the amount of plastic it needed while still providing the food safety and portability consumers seek in bagged fruit options.

As fashion, function, and hope for the future continue to come together to shape our industry’s offerings, Starr Ranch is sure to be one apple of our eye.