Peruvian Onions

A Closer Look at SUNSET® Honey Bombs

Food theater begins in the fresh produce department if you ask me—the place where culinary dreams can be inspired and packaging is at its finest and most competitive. Actors stand out from the troupe—building momentum, setting the pace, and driving their roles forward with showmanship, grace, and versatility. 

Honey Bombs™, the newest addition to the SUNSET® Bombs™ family line, achieves just this type of transformation and value that the stage—in this case, the produce stage—demands.

If flavor and aesthetics are the themes in this production, then the Honey Bombs program has your ticket. Perfect for snacking and salads, these golden cherry tomatoes rock some seriously sweet flavor and are ripened and packed on the vine. 

Consumers are more drawn to texture and the entire eating experience than ever before, and these babies offer the perfect crunch and fragrant aroma while delivering a sweet-like-honey taste. Honey Bombs come in 12-oz clamshells and add a striking and vibrant color scheme and energy to the tomato destination, with foil details that help the packaging stand out on the shelf.

Fresh produce should not just offer a flavorful experience, but a gift for the eyes as well. If left up to SUNSET, this produce theater would be packing a full house.