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A Closer Look at The Little Potato Company Microwave Ready Kits

With 2019 trends predicting that produce could upstage protein on plates nationwide and bite-sized veggies slated to take over the industry, these easily accessible, microwave-ready kits from The Little Potato Company might allow the humble tuber to take center stage.

Faster than a speeding spud, these microwavable potatoes draw the time-strapped consumer into the produce aisle, promising to be done before water can even reach a boil on the stovetop. The company has expanded the tasty line, which now includes Tomato Basil, Garlic Parsley, and Savory Herb—offering a delectable dish to warm the tummy and soul. At-home chefs simply remove the seasoning packet, microwave for five minutes, and let sit for two. Finishing this delish dish with a pat of butter or splash of oil allows the potatoes to be evenly enrobed as you sprinkle in the seasoning and stir.

New vertical packaging is streamlined for easier display and results in smaller cases of product, enabling retailers to easily store and stock the product. Clear containers now provide the potatoes the opportunity to peek out at perusing shoppers from the refrigerated section. Additional paper products were eliminated to make for a more environmentally friendly product for consumers and retailers alike.