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Up Close with DelFrescoPure® STACKERS

Let’s face it—we all have days when we rush out the door to work, soccer practice, gym class, recitals, happy hour, or appointments in between staff meetings and lunch because life just never stops. Making on-the-go lifestyle choices easier for consumers to manage is DelFrescoPure®, with its recently launched STACKERS product.

The everyday snack item offers retailers a unique option with the three 4 oz sealed containers carrying greenhouse-grown YES!Berries inside, layered, and ready to grab and go for stuffing into school lunches or packing with camping trip essentials.

The opportunities are endless for how to consume the tasty snacks, but the company has gone a step further by introducing three different characters: The Snack Attack Berry, The Active Berry, and The Sharing is Caring Berry. The Snack Attack Berry showcases a strawberry adorned in a shark suit to promote the idea of hunger control when eating a healthy snack. The Active Berry demonstrates a strawberry exercising to highlight how the snack is a great way to replenish electrolytes post-workout. The Sharing is Caring Berry illustrates a strawberry extending a snack to a new friend to show how social sharing and grazing can have positive results. The creative approach entices consumers to try the snack that meets life's demanding days.

Currently available in Canada, STACKERS display beautifully on the shelf because the vibrant red in the strawberries and on the label wrapped around the three containers calls out to consumers to try—and love—the fresh produce waiting to be enjoyed.