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Up Close with Foxy Organic Produce's Broccoleaf

So, what is BroccoLeaf™? If you ask Foxy Produce, it’s the beginning of a whole new vegetable category and a versatile addition to the organic supergreens evolution.

Containing all the wonderful nutrients in broccoli, BroccoLeaf™ - short for broccoli leaves – elevates the eating experience of any dish with a light and sweet flavor and quality.  Significant health attributes include an excellent source of Calcium, Vitamin A, folate, potassium, and delivers an adult daily dose of Vitamin C.

BroccoLeaf™ is essential to Foxy Produce because the item promotes the consumption of the whole vegetable while also reducing food waste.

And let’s not forget that BroccoLeaf™ is organic, non-GMO certified, and packaged for distribution on the national market. At present, BroccoLeaf™ is sold by the bunch and in 12 oz. packages in select grocery stores.