High Flavor, Organic, and Conventional

Up Close with Mucci Farms’ Cherto Gourmet Cherry Tomatoes On-the-Vine

Kept on-the-vine to achieve traditional tomato flavor and freshness, this irresistibly bite-sized tomato from Mucci Farms has been a hit across consumer kitchens and produce departments since its recent launch. The perfect portion size for snacking, the Cherto also boasts a flavor profile that brings an exciting balance of flavors to any entree, appetizer, or even drink.

Along with the launch of this new tomato, Mucci Farms is also releasing new Top Seal packaging. The Cherto gourmet cherry tomato package was designed to improve the consumer experience, increase the shelf-life of the product, and provide retail partners with premium creative merchandising efficiency. 

With a focus on food safety, traceability, and environmental responsibility, this Top Seal packaging is made with less plastic than most traditional designs, and with 100 percent PET recyclable material. Included in these benefits is a tamper-evident seal, resealable options for longer storage, and clear visibility of the product. Retail partners not only benefit from a conveniently-sized and shaped package that is easy to merchandise, but the Top Seal format allows Mucci Farms’ marketing department to take full advantage of the creative space to deliver world-class, eye-catching artwork.