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What’s a great way to bring consumers into a category fold? If you are Ocean Mist Farms and a host of other industry-leading companies, you make the preparation easy and let the beauty of the product speak for itself. Take the Castroville, California-based company’s Season & Steam Artichokes. The sleek, clean design and crystal-clear window showcase these perfectly packaged petals while also informing the consumer and begging the question: Why have I not bought artichokes like this all along?

What do you get when packaging doubles as its own merchandising program? Perfection. And SUNSET® always seems to do it right. Providing a vibrant pop of color, these Top Seal eco-friendly bowls tailor to every range of shopper and household size. There are so many reasons why SUNSET holds its own as a leader in greenhouse produce. Retailers are able to show off as much of the product as possible without compromising looks or food safety. These stackable packages brighten up produce departments and promote tomato consumption for the benefit of retailers and consumers.

I love this packaging concept because I can see what the finished product, or, rather meal, looks like and it definitely is a great strategy for whetting the appetite. With a variety of on-trend flavor profiles that target consumers from moms to Millennials, this product line’s delivery is focused yet fun. And bowl-based meals with diverse and ethnic flavor profiles have become a hit across foodservice and now benefit retail.

Shopping for produce should be fun, and I truly believe that a unique experience can make produce taste even better. NatureFresh™ is one company that is tapping into all of the consumer senses with its TomBox™ and TomBar™ creations. This program also aligns with NatureFresh’s sustainability goals as the TomBox is made from 100 percent recycled paperboard. While it may look like a Chinese take-out box, be assured that this array of flavors will not impact your waistline.

The TomBar creates a destination in the produce department through its clever mobility, while the access it provides consumers creates a more memorable and convenient grocery shopping experience. 

This versatile veggie presentation and preparation is all the rage. At least it’s a hit in our office and in my kitchen. While I would like to say that it is the concept alone which truly sells itself, the packaging is always that first push toward grabbing the consumer’s attention. With elegant simplicity and convenient packaging that stacks and merchandises with ease, these value-added vegetables are the perfect portion size and bring a new concept directly to the consumer’s plate. Just sauté, boil, or add them fresh to salads and voila! The pre-cut vegetable noodle concept provides the perfect pasta alternative for healthy eaters and is an easy, fun way for consumers to increase their vegetable consumption.