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Up Close with Oppy's Outrageously Fresh Snacking Tomato Jar Bags

Greenhouse-grown in Tehachapi, California, by SunSelect, these versatile snacking tomatoes are dressed to impress throughout produce departments this summer. With exciting, fun, and eye-catching packaging that resembles a mason jar, these Outrageously Fresh™ snacking tomatoes are a breeze to display and merchandise, and will ultimately help drive traffic and impulse purchases. With options ranging from grape and cherry varieties, to a gourmet medley of tomatoes, SunSelect is offering a flavor for every palate and occasion. And the jar bags can help retailers capitalize on the popularity of snacking tomatoes.

The appeal of these resealable bags extends beyond the produce department and is perfect for keeping on the kitchen counter, and ready for transport for snacking on-the-go. Tasty, nutritious, and a satisfying substitute for less healthy snacks, these Outrageously Fresh snacking tomatoes are available year-round.

In addition to the jar bags, SunSelect also offers clamshells of grape, cherry, and gourmet medley tomatoes, and Top Seal bowls of grape and medley tomatoes as well.

According to FreshLook Data, cherry tomato sales grew by 27 percent between 2013-2016, while grape tomato sales escalated by a whopping 37 percent in the same period. If you are looking for a produce department product that is primed for growth, look to snacking tomatoes.