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Apple Merchandising SnackChat

Apple Merchandising SnackChat

Great merchandising is a combination of art and science—tapping an eye for the aesthetically alluring while calculating the cost benefits of space and product. How consumers move, shop, taste, and touch is as much a part of a category program as the price. Some of the best of the best in the apple category bring their merchandisers here this February to showcase value and vibrancy in the produce department…

"Organic sales are trending up, and more than one-third of all apple consumers buy organic apples at least once or more per year. Space is a limiting factor in most produce departments and secondary display bins allow retailers to add additional display space and purchase triggers, particularly for organics. Retailers using the Rainier Fruit customizable organic display bins have seen double-digit sales increases."

“Stemilt Growers is bringing its family farms to your stores through our Stemilt’s Family Farm Display, a new pop-up display bin designed to be the perfect anchor to a long or block display of our high-graphic apple cartons. The new bin has a simple and modern design and features the Mathison family that has grown apples and pears for six generations.”

“With many produce purchases being impulse driven, we realize the need to both drive awareness of our apples among shoppers in the produce department and to help the store create more sales space without adding to their permanent fixtures. So, we developed organic merchandising options to include packaging that elevates a few square feet of the store floor up to the shoppers’ viewing level. The bins feature crystal-clear images to catch shoppers’ eye and useful information to aid purchase decisions.”

“Our new Flavors of the World apple retail display showcases some of the world’s hottest apples, now grown in Washington State by CMI Orchards and select growers around the world. The old-world suitcase theme celebrates the unique world origins of CMI’s best-branded apples that hail from New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, and Canada, and also ships with five cases of bulk or pouch bags of conventional or organic apples. This merchandising solution allows retailers to create an instant destination for shoppers!”