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My Favorite Things

Elise Smith, Marketing Manager, Homegrown Organic Farms

If you walk into the home of Elise Smith, you may hear the happy chuckles of her friends and family gathered around the couch, see Michael Scott’s face flickering across the TV as the group enjoys a throwback episode of The Office, or smell the alluring hints of citrus radiating from a bowl of tantalizing fresh fruit. With an uplifting spirit and an undeniable passion for all things fresh, the Homegrown Organic Farms Marketing Manager’s list of favorite things perfectly reflects her lighthearted and infectious energy. Curious to learn more about this talented marketing maven? Read on and take a step into her world…

  • Family and Friends
  • A Freshly Stocked Fruit Bowl
  • Quiet Time Alone in the Kitchen
  • Summer Stonefruit Season
  • Coffee
  • The Office
  • The Mountains
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Autumn

"They are my biggest supporters in all areas of my life."
"It’s rare to see the fruit bowl in my home empty."
"I usually pour a glass of wine, put on some music or a podcast, and get lost in the process."
"The best time of the year! Most might go for a peach, but I love pluots."
"I love to find a good coffee shop when exploring new places."
"I’ve watched it from start to finish more times than I can count."
"I grew up taking family trips to Truckee, California. Endless outdoor activities."
"A simple pleasure. They brighten the mood in any room! I hope to one day plant a garden at home."
"I enjoy the cooler weather, changing leaves, and seasonal fall fruits like our organic persimmons and pomegranates."