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My Favorite Things

Hana Mohsin, National Sales Manager, Misionero

When it comes to loving our industry, Hana Mohsin is a shining example of living and breathing fresh. She’s spent years cultivating this experience at buy- and supply-side companies alike, but nowhere is her passion more evident than in her approach to life. The Misionero leader is always game to tackle challenges, connect with friends, and add a competitive edge to keep things interesting. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

  • Lola
  • Arugula
  • Pickleball
  • Snow
  • Ice Cream
  • My Mom
  • Lake Days
  • Reading
  • Game Nights

"She has the best personality and is the best cuddler."
"This is my favorite green—it makes a great pizza topper."
"I recently discovered my love for the sport and it’s now a must-do activity for me."
"I went to college in Durango, Colorado, and I love a snow day."
"I don’t care how cold it is, I would eat ice cream any day of the year."
"We walk every day, and I can always count on her for advice."
"Being on the boat at Lake Norman or Lake Nacimiento is my favorite way to spend the summer."
"Sitting at home on a Sunday with a good book is my favorite."
"Fun with my friends and a little added competition—now that’s a good night!"