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My Favorite Things

Randi Church, Marketing Manager, Windset Farms

It’s easy to feel a kinship with someone who adores dogs, cooking, and cherry tomatoes. I found this kindred soul in Randi Church, who, outside of crafting a winning marketing strategy for Windset Farms®, knows when to stop and smell the tomatoes. It’s this appreciation for the little things in life that helps her connect the dots for consumers and buyers alike on the benefits of greenhouse growing. To see how Randi walks on the vine side of life, let’s dive into her favorite things...

  • My Dog
  • Cooking With My Daughter
  • Iced Americanos
  • Cameo® Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine
  • Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
  • Running
  • Walks With My Family
  • Strolls Through the Greenhouse
  • Completing Projects

"I may be biased, but Murphy is the best dog!"
"The mess left behind is worth it."
"Add oat milk, vanilla, and a sprinkle of cinnamon."
"You can’t beat the fresh vine smell and taste."
"My happy place."
"A chance to get out of my head and onto my feet."
"I love a long walk after dinner to end the day."
"It’s very therapeutic."
"I love seeing ideas and efforts come to life."