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A Closer Look at Pure Flavor® Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes

In my right palm rests a small collection of vibrant red, bite-sized bulbs and, simultaneously, a massive catalyst for the foodservice industry. Courtesy of Pure Flavor®, the award-winning Cloud 9® tomato is on a mission to make life’s sweetest moments even sweeter. What better way to do so than with a top-quality, greenhouse grown product hand-picked by the supplier’s dedicated family of growers?

This highly favored produce offering is available in a dry pint, as well as 2 lb and 5 lb bulk packages. With only the finest fruit making it to foodservice operators’ back-of-house operations, chefs can truly tap into their inspiration and creativity with a versatile and super-sweet snacking tomato that complements a wide range of dishes and all styles of cuisines from around the globe.

The fun—and flavor—doesn’t stop when a consumer pays their tab and walks out the front doors of a restaurant. Professional chefs from all over the United States are further demonstrating the delicious advantages of this offering with recipe videos to spark ideas for those who choose to don their aprons in their home kitchens as well.

From the refreshing Tomato Salad With Sesame Tuna to the enticing Tomatoes Confit and mouth-watering No-Cook Pizza Sauce, chefs and shoppers alike can harness all of the unique opportunities provided by such a heavenly ingredient.

Atop Cloud 9 is somewhere we all aspire to be, so why not take your consumers straight there with this delightful addition to nearly any dish?The Snack Endstop