Sweeten your everyday!

A Closer Look at Atlas Produce Sunnies Energy Bites

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of consumers throughout the Northern Hemisphere rejoicing that the gray, gloomy days of winter are behind them.

As they say “Hello, Mr. Blue Sky,” shoppers are grasping for products to add to their baskets that elicit spring’s warm days. Enter Atlas Produce’s Sunnies™, a delicious treat that packs a punch with nutrition and energy that will make them beam brighter than a ray of sunshine.

Featuring eight clean ingredients—including Atlas’ mouth-watering dates—shoppers need not feel guilty stocking up on these delectable bites. On top of 5 g of protein, the morsels also have 3 g of fiber and no added sugar—that’s a sweet selling point!

Sunnies are available in three unique varieties: Cocoa Espresso, Cocoa Cherry, and Cocoa Banana. Let me tell you, they are all delish, but the Cocoa Espresso has won my heart, and I’m sure it will have your coffee-loving consumers raving too. Especially since they can be merchandised as a tasty alternative to sugary coffee drinks with the same energizing qualities—an excellent swap for those looking to eat healthier in 2023.

To top everything off, Sunnies come in cleanly designed, resealable packaging that makes it easy for your consumers to take them on the go while maintaining freshness and taste.

Make Sunnies shoppers’ first bite of spring and help Atlas celebrate its 20th anniversary by adding these mouth-watering treats to your produce department!The Snack Endstop