Sweeten your everyday!

A Closer Look at Bako Sweet® Organic Sweet Potato Steam Bags

It’s the night before Thanksgiving. A panicked shopper wanders the aisles of the grocery store, hunting for foods that will win over their in-laws. Doubt and fear begin to take over, until they spot a shining beacon of hope glowing green and orange across the way. Eureka!

“What’s this?” they exclaim, holding up the latest 14 oz steam bag from Bako Sweet® in front of their incredulous eyes. “Have I found the answer at last?”

Indeed, they have, for Bako Sweet’s latest product innovation checks off all the boxes when it comes to memorable meals. Offered in both organic and conventional varieties, the steam bags are the perfect option for anyone looking for a shelf-stable and convenient option.

Thanksgiving day prep—or any holiday or occasion for that matter—become that much easier, as the sweet potatoes in question need only be popped into the microwave. No prep time, unless you count giving yourself a high five as part of the prep.

For retailers this holiday season, keeping these steam bags in stock is going to be the key for driving sales. Their ease of use, simple packaging, and year-round availability make them knock-outs on the floor.