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A Closer Look at Calavo Growers AvoFresco Rebrand

I bring two lessons to you in this segment:

1. Love for guac is not all talk.

2. Simple is striking.

To the first point, folks in North America turn to avocados for both nutrition and flavor, and guacamole is the perfect vehicle to deliver on both. Retailers and foodservice operators need the proper products in line to meet the demand for this avocado-centric side dish. That’s where Calavo Growers’ AvoFresco brand comes into play.

The brand was revamped last year, with new packaging to match. Here’s where simplicity is utilized: The rebranded look isn’t flashy—but is incredibly effective. The new concept relies upon the clear sealed top, which shows off the vibrant green of the guacamole inside. Vegetables imparting flavor to the recipe adorn the bottom of the logo. I spied that jalapeño and garlic right away!

When combining the love of guac and the striking simplicity of its packaging, Calavo delivers a fresh look that lets consumers know immediately what they’re getting. The line also offers convenient squeeze pouches for those wanting some guacamole on the go. I know I would slip those into my lunch box.

If you take the two lessons above to heart, you’ve got a recipe for success, every time.The Snack Endstop