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A Closer Look at Catania Worldwide’s GO GUAVA Brand

I want to be wowed in the produce aisle.

Perhaps it is because I write for the trade, and therefore have high expectations. On the other hand, maybe I am just another consumer gaining interest in unique and premium eating experiences. Either way, this duality makes me especially skilled at tracking down packaging that appeals to both the trade and the shopper, and Catania Worldwide’s new GO GUAVA brand does just this.

With guavas being a relatively novel product at retail, Catania opted for education when adding them to its portfolio. Its packaging, in particular, highlights the stages of ripening and the optimal time for consumption, ensuring that each shopper can experience this fruit at its peak.

Above all, Catania is looking to make guavas a mainstream category. In addition to education through the GO GUAVA packaging, Catania has worked closely with its retail partners to integrate the product through eye-catching displays and impulse-driven merchandising.

Catania’s GO GUAVA brand is currently on shelves of eastern Canada-based Costco stores, but the supplier already has plans in place to expand the offering throughout Canada and the United States with all of its retail partners.

The tropical aroma alone will drive shoppers straight to your fresh fruit displays. Prepare for them all to be wowed once they arrive.The Snack Endstop