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A Closer Look at Continental Fresh Water for All Box

Blue is one of the most communicative colors. The hue of wisdom, loyalty, and trust, it is a shade that taps into—even awakens—emotion.

It is also synonymous with water, and the multiplicity of meanings that come from this are what I like to think inspired the newest box from Continental Fresh, which features two newly released labels: Water for All and Food for Humanity.

Playing on the soft, enticing blue of a calm cerulean, this new box not only serves as an eye-catching vehicle for the company’s fresh mangos but also helps fund clean water projects in Latin America. Clean water is the most basic human need, and Continental Fresh is seeking to make a difference for the 780 million people that lack access to it around the world. Having partnered with BLUE Missions to serve rural communities, the company is looking to bring faucets into each family home.

Now more than ever, consumers seek not only to be attracted visually to their purchase, but also to spend with purpose. Retailers can help them share the wealth of water while stocking up on the increasingly popular mango. This packaging approach means your shoppers can support a cause that will consistently give. A campaign that has no season. A need that has no end.

How’s that for a refreshing shade of blue?