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A Closer Look at Duda Farm Fresh Foods celery dippers


Anything bite-sized has my vote, which is why the latest offering from Duda Farm Fresh Foods has me chomping at the bit. The supplier recently introduced its Dandy® Snacking In A Snap!™ product line, which aims to bring convenience and quality to the fresh produce aisle.

First up to bat are the Dandy celery dippers™.

These petite 2-inch celery sticks provide consumers the opportunity to get creative with healthy snacking. Whether used as a vehicle for dips and spreads or eaten fresh out of the bag, Duda’s new celery dippers are sure to become a staple on weekly shopping lists.

Derived from Duda Generations’ proprietary celery varieties, these bite-sized celery sticks are naturally sweeter and crispier than some other retail offerings. Innovation is at the forefront as well—Duda utilizes water jet cutting technology for a clean cut every time. And, to double down on freshness, produce is shipped within 24 hours of processing.

Every consumer has their own personal requirements for what makes it into their carts, and celery dippers deliver on many different demands with both 8 oz and 1.25 lb resealable bag sizes. Buyers should place these convenient packs front and center in the produce aisle and watch as the foot traffic follows!The Snack Endstop