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A Closer Look at HMC Farms® Compostable Packaging

Precious gems can be carried in the most luxurious of vessels, why should fresh produce be any different? HMC Farms® latest packaging innovation elevates this idea and the already-strong value proposition of its stonefruit and table grape programs, with sustainable differentiation to boot.

The family-owned and operated supplier introduced its new compostable packaging last March, featuring a cardboard base with a recyclable band—ultimately reducing plastic use by over 80 percent compared to traditional clamshells. Measuring at 7.75" x 4.45", this packaging builds on HMC Farms’ impressive dedication to longevity within the market. Plus, the company is always looking for new ways to sharpen its sustainable edge, especially when it comes to reducing single-use plastic. 

Years of research and development went into these attractive packs, maintaining HMC Farms’ dedication to “doing what tastes right.” The grower’s high-quality peaches, plums, nectarines, and table grapes become beacons of an environmentally friendly future, fueled by over a century of category prowess and continued curiosity. 

Demand for sustainability is not going anywhere, and I will be the first to admit that a cardboard clamshell will win me over every time. As offerings of this nature continue to be integrated into produce departments across the country, that demand will grow exponentially. In a way, consumers are looking to us for guidance in the fight for a more sustainable future, and HMC Farms is championing the cause every step of the way.

With these newly introduced packs on your shelf, you, too, can be leading the charge in this industry evolution. The Snack Endstop