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A Closer Look at Monterey Mushrooms’ Sizzling Sautés

You know shoppers are after products that are both healthy and delicious. Answering this call for value-added variation is none other than Monterey Mushrooms, whose latest portfolio addition knocks this request out of the park.

Sizzling Sautés™ is a meal solution set to take the retail world by storm. The versatility of this product line is a huge selling point, as it can be used as a side dish, a complement to an entrée, or as a meat replacement ready to be star of the plate. Available in Fajita, Teriyaki, and Thai, Sizzling Sautés makes it easy for home cooks to elevate their love for mushrooms. On top of that, the line uses mushrooms that are high in vitamin D, boosting its health benefits even more.

The pack style is strikingly simple; the focus here is the sauté pan emblazoned on the front and the mushrooms nestled inside, all wrapped up with impactful directions. I love when packaging includes details that call out how to cook the item. It helps the shopper visually understand cooking applications right away!

Each flavor features 12 oz of pre-sliced mushrooms and a 1.5 oz sauce packet, but the convenience factor of this product is where it truly shines. People are busier than ever and clamoring for healthy items that offer bold flavors without breaking the bank.

With great flavor comes great responsibility. Now all that remains for retailers is a simple question: Do you provide only the core items or are you a flavor solution provider?The Snack Endstop