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A Closer Look at Peri & Sons Farms® Earthbag® Packaging

I cannot deny the draw of eye-catching packaging. When shopping, an internal struggle often wages between my love for contained, organized foods (not to mention an attraction to artistic boxes and bags) and the deep desire to do my part for the environment. So, while I was very excited to hear Peri & Sons Farms® was bringing a new offering to the United States market that has already cultivated a wave of success in Europe, my emotion reshaped into a liberating joy when I learned that the packaging is plastic-free.

Yes, the quaint bag accurately named Earthbag® Packaging is entirely biodegradable and compostable, soothing two sides of my consumer mind. That clarity makes me think the same will be true for many other shoppers as well.

It is also fair to say consumers can expect the same product care, quality, and effort that went into making such packaging possible. After all, you don’t buy a gilded treasure chest expecting to find pennies inside. Likewise, your shoppers can see the eco-friendly pack with the endearing design that follows the bee trail of the familiar Peri & Sons brand and surmise that the organic products within will be top-shelf ingredients to include in every dish. For such care and caliber to go into something as versatile and frequently utilized as organic onions, I have to think this will be a big win for the produce department.

This new offering really is the whole package.The Snack Endstop