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A Closer Look at Soli Organic Packaged Bunches

Come a little closer—I won’t bite! Now that I’ve got your attention, let me introduce you to the latest Soli Organic™ product to hit the market: Packaged Bunches.

With this release, the supplier has taken its expertise in Living Herbs and Fresh Cut Packaged Herbs and applied it to an all-new format. Italian parsley and cilantro are the first two herbaceous additions joining the lineup; they each offer an elevated eating experience that considers freshness to be the key ingredient. Perfectly housed bunch by bunch in high-graphic packaging, Soli’s new Packaged Bunches not only provide a punch of flavor, but an added layer of convenience in the kitchen.

Did something else catch your eye? I bet you were quick to notice that Soli’s new products are sporting a strategic brand refresh as well. The grower’s distinct, newly redesigned packaging is all about communicating the most important messages to consumers: that the products are organic, GMO free, and grown in soil for best flavor.

Plus, the new Packaged Bunches offer you peace of mind from a food safety point of view. As we learned from the pandemic, packaged products offer an added layer of protection—a point of differentiation that will have shoppers adding Packaged Bunches to their carts in no time.The Snack Endstop