Peruvian Onions

A Closer Look at SUNSET® Umami Bombs®

Make way for a delicious explosion. Mastronardi Produce® launched a flavor bomb into the tomato category, and your shoppers will not be able to resist this sweet and savory beauty.

Dubbed Umami Bombs®, the tomatoes-on-the-vine provide an easy way for consumers to access the delicious and savory umami profile, also known as the fifth taste. The new snacking tomato, the fifth item in the Bombs lineup, complements the company’s current range of sweet flavors and brings a rich diversity to the tomato category.

A vibrant, unique red hue is shown through a clear package to provide shoppers ease of mind when it comes to quality, and the contrasting deep teal label is sure to draw gazes. Once patrons get closer to the striking color display, they’ll notice the whimsical nod Mastronardi Produce paid to the flavor’s Japanese origin, providing a fresh feeling with a cherry blossom motif.

Sweet, savory, and juicy. With this engaging SKU on the shelf, taste buds will sing and registers will ring.The Snack Endstop