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A Closer Look at The Little Potato® Company Packaging Refresh

Fresh, natural, convenient, and eye-catching—this is the philosophy behind the new packaging concept The Little Potato® Company is unveiling for its Creamer potatoes. By combining these value-driven beliefs into one easy package, the potato provider will have consumers and retailers alike nodding in approval this holiday season. With a refreshed look hitting the company’s Creamer lineup, produce aisles can only benefit from the colors at play.

Both the 1.5 lb and 3 lb lines will be sporting a fresh redesign, but my eyes are fixed on the Dynamic Duo. Outfitted in a vibrant, emerald green packaging, Dynamic Duo will be drawing eyes with a new, enlarged window. Both Red and Yellow Creamer varietals are on full display, doubling the excitement.

Conscientious shoppers will take to the new packaging like butter to potatoes as there is 23 percent less plastic in the 1.5 lb bag product line. Optimized for consumer appeal, the new bags have a smaller footprint to allow more product to be displayed on the shelf, drawing in eager shoppers. Once in their hands, consumers will notice it takes only five minutes to prepare with recipe links to spur meal-time thoughts and inspiration.

The Little Potato Company is bringing the new look to its Boomer Gold, Blushing Belle, and Terrific Trio varieties as well, all in its 1.5 lb and 3 lb bagged product line. Display the complete lineup for a runway of colors and make the category pop throughout the holiday push and into the new year!